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The World Soccer Project (WSP) is a soccer association with two related purposes: to provide an exceptional soccer service (in the form of adult recreational soccer leagues), and to use funds generated from that service to promote local and international causes for under-served children.

WSP formed in New York City (in early 2010), and so we focus the development of our leagues in New York State. But we're also working on developing leagues and events in other US cities, and in other countries. 

Our work involves much more than on-field activities and the planning that goes into them. We work hard at promoting the health and education of under-served children. We focus our attention on New York, because we - like Charles Dickens - believe philanthropy should begin at home.

We also work closely with organizations in other countries. Currently, we're working with The Wishi Project to build and staff schools in Ecuador. Please see Our Cause for more information on this.

Soccer leagues can generate a lot of funding. Did you know that the three biggest (for-profit) leagues in NYC gross approximately 2m annually - and net much more than 1m? If only we had the same number of permit hours per week... But as we don't, we're looking to other ways to raise money from soccer. We'll keep you updated on this of course!

Now, let's turn to the soccer - to how and why we can claim we're the very best in New York.

How can we claim to be the best?

First and foremost, our players think we're the best - at least they tell us we are!

See our testimonials page to find out what players think of our league as compared to other leagues they've played in.

If word from our players isn't quite enough for you, then how about this:

  • We're the only rec. league in New York that uses USSF/FIFA referees.
  • We're the only rec. league in New York that cares enough to ensure all our players are insured against on-field injury. 
  • We use top-flight championship match balls - unlike most other leagues.
  • We've medical staff on-site. Do other leagues? We've not seen it, and we've played in them all.
  • A league director is always at the games to ensure all goes as smoothly as possible. You don't often find this in other leagues.
  • In addition to the above, we also use player-registraion fees to run our own non-profit programs, which benefit under-served children in New York and abroad. Please see Our Cause for more info.

How and why was WSP formed (and by whom)?

WSP formed in New York City in early 2010 by J.G. Pinel.

Pinel's previous work as a director of aboriginal education (and school principal) in some of Canada's poorest communities - together with his love for the beautiful game - led to the conception of a league where adults pay to play football for a crucial cause: the education of children whose schools don't provide the services they should.

Who else is involved?

Several others around the world have acted and continue to act as key advisors and volunteer workers, assisting with such activities as: forming key partnerships; obtaining sponsorships; and securing fields in several cities. Management positions in various locations are expected to be created in the very near future.

What can you do to help?

For starters, you can sign up to play in our leagues! You'll not only help others by playing in our leagues, but you'll get the best and least expensive recreational soccer experience in all of New York.

You can also contact us about volunteering or about making direct donations to our non-profit org., Well-being Worlwide - or you can donate direclty to our non-profit partners (we'll help you arrange this).

Moreover, suggestions are always welcome. If you think we can do something better, we want to hear it - as we are very much a 'player's organization' (see our bylaws and policies for how we are structured to be such an organization).

If you'd like to know more, please get in touch!

info@nysoccerproject.com | 1-888-618-6494

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