Here's just a small sample of what players are saying about WSP leagues:

"I strongly feel that the WSP is the most enjoyable league I have ever played in (and I have played in a lot)... Anyone who has asked me about playing soccer in NY, I always encourage them to try out the WSP first."
    - Ben T. (Chico's Bail Bonds)

"The experience I have had in the WSP has surpassed every other league I have ever been a part of. I have played in a number of leagues, and the camaraderie fostered, while maintaining a great level of competition, is unmatched... [the league organizers] ensure every player on every team enjoys their experience."
    - Dave L. (Captain, Rockville Centre Hammers)

"The funnest donation I've made to a good cause!"
    - Eric A. (Co-captain, Chico's Bail Bonds)

"There's something distinct about WSP that sets it apart from all other leagues... It feels like a family."
    - Jenny H. (Scousers)

"I've played in the WSP since its inception and have found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience, offering players a chance to meet new and like-minded people, exchange friendly banter with other teams and keep in shape… [T]he league organiz­­­ers do an excellent job, providing proper goals, balls, referees and even injury insurance - features that are often lacking in other NYC leagues (I've played in a few). And if that's not enough - what could be better than kicking a ball around right under the NYC skyline?! 10/10."
- Neil C. (Captain, Scousers)

"New York Soccer Project is by far the best soccer league I have been a part of in New York City.  Run by soccer lovers for soccer lovers, there's not another league in the 5 boroughs that offers the same quality of game for a better price.  Nice fields, smart refs, good talent and a healthy dose of competition keeps this league going all year long!  I feel lucky to belong to a great team in a phenomonal New York City league."
  - Meredith P. (Chico's Bail Bonds)

"Teams play quality competitive football but still manage to keep it laid back and fun. The officials do an exceptional job maintaining the tone. The combination of untrained officials and too many players on the pitch make other leagues dangerous; they're also much more expensive."
    - Alex H. (Highlanders)

"WSP actually cares about your experience within the league... longer halves, quality match balls and the refs are FIFA certified.  A percentage of your dues pays for health coverage on the pitch as well as monies directed toward charity organizations. It is a good league run by good people, supported by many great players."
    - Pat B. (Captain, Pele's Pancakes)

"Speaking of the referees, they are generally top-class... Besides that, the league just draws a nice group of people that are fun to play with and against. You can't ask for much more than that."
    - Sean S. (Scousers) 

"The WSP is definitely the best soccer league I've played in in NYC. It's the most affordable and the best organized. The heads of the league really insure the best playing environment. The refs are top notch and strictly enforce the rules - which are mainly intended to keep the recreational player uninjured. But it really delves into the social aspects of playing soccer. There are events and pickup games (free of charge) in which you get to meet and play with players from other teams - forging friendships which would never occur in other leagues. All the players know each other and that adds to the camaraderie as well as the safety of playing hard: a tough balance to maintain in an inherently physical sport."
    - Eric A. (Co-captain, Chico's Bail Bonds)

"For one, the refs know what they are doing; we've played in other leagues and their refs just weren't good (at all). Second, the communication between the league organizers and teams is great."

    - Niall R. (Captain, Williamsburg United)

[On being the only female player to get a red card, and on the standard fine for a sending off, payable directly to The Fund for Public Schools] "And if it weren't 25 bucks, I would do it more!"
    - Bridget Y. (AC Kermans)

"The league organisers have really fostered a sense of friendly competitition among the teams and players."
    Kevin P. (Co-captain, Chico's Bail Bonds)

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