New York Soccer Project : Terms & Conditions

In addition to the terms and conditions I have already agreed to in the World Soccer Project online waiver, I agree to the following:


To read all WSP's match rules, by-laws and policies before playing my first game.


To abide by all match rules as they apply to my actions or behavior before, during and after WSP games (e.g., wear shin guards and socks that completely cover my shin guards when on the field of play, respect officials by not berating them for calls I may not happen to agree with, and wear my team jersey at all times during my games, unless the referee or other league official approves of an alternative jersey).


I understand that it is completely within the WSP's right, in accordance with the above noted match rules, by-laws and policies to cancel my registration and thereby remove me from the league. I also understand that in such a case where my registration has been canceled, I am not entitled to a refund.

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